Health Services

Health Services

Welcome Families of Crane District

Working together keeping kids healthy and safe!

Crane School District’s Health Services is strongly committed to student health and well-being. The goal of the health office is to support the educational process by promoting optimum wellness and working closely with parents/guardians, teachers and administrators, to assess and evaluate the health needs of students and to accommodate students with specific health concerns. To assist the Crane health personnel in providing the best care possible for your child, it is important that as a parent you ensure the following:

  •    Students must have proof of all required immunizations in order to attend the first day of school.
  •    Please keep all emergency telephone numbers up to date.  Although rare, emergencies can happen.
  •    If your child has special needs related to any type of disability, please provide the school health office with all necessary   information.
  •    All prescription medication to be given during school hours must be in the original container with the dispensing pharmacy label, amount and time to be given, along with a signed consent form from a parent/guardian.
  •   All over-the-counter medication must be provided by the parent, must be in the original container and dispensed within the recommendations on the label, along with a signed consent form from a parent/guardian.
  •   By law, medications cannot be transported by students on the bus.
  •   We cannot give medication from Mexico without written consent from a United States physician.
  •   Please do not send your child to school if he/she has a fever, undiagnosed rash, is vomiting or has diarrhea.
  • Optimal learning requires good health.  The health needs of our children have always been the first priority of the school health personnel, and with your help we can assure continued success.


    Mission: Promote growth, development and educational achievement of all students by encouraging health and wellness in a safe and supportive environment.  We are committed to meeting the health needs of students and staff through collaboration with health care providers, public and private agencies.

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    Working together keeping kids healthy and safe!

    Crane District School Health Services

    Jill Karriker, RN, District Nurse Coordinator



    Centennial Middle School

    Pat Coburn, Health Assitant 



    Linda De La Hoya, Health Assistant 



    Gary Knox Elementary School

    Joan Duquette, Health Assistant



    Gowan Science Academy 

    & H. L. Suverkrup Elementary

    Cynthia Oliveros, Health Assistant

    928-373- 3515


    Mesquite Elementary

    Joanna Brack, Health Assistant


    Pueblo Elementary 

    Christina Robles, Health Assistant



    Rancho Viejo Elementary

    Maria Shelton, LPN Health Assistant



    Ronald Reagan Fundamental

    Olivia Urzua, Health Assistant



    Salida Del Sol Elementary

    Martin Guzman, Health Assistant


    Valley Horizon Elementary

    Ali Smith, Health Assistant


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